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Bloods For Life  - Autumn Issue 2024

Did you get a chance to complete the Autumn 2024 Issue Quiz?

Check your Answers, from page 50-51

 If you are interested in contributing quiz questions to future Bloods For Life Issues, please reach out and send them through by sending there  HERE

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Question 1

Of the five players that have captained the Club the most times, name the four of them who are from NSW?


Most games as Captain: Paul Kelly 182 games;  Jarrad McVeigh 140 games (3rd most); Dennis Carroll 131 games (4th most); and Brett Kirk 123 games (5th most).

Question 2

Who are the 3 Coaches since 1982 that have come from NSW?


Swans first game as Sydney at SCG 28th March, 1982 Sydney 20.17.137 defeated Melbourne 16.12.108

Coaches Rick Quade and Ron Barassi respectively.

Question 3

Who are the members of the Swans Team of the Century from NSW?


Dennis Carroll, David Murphy and Paul Kelly.

Question 4

Who were the Swans players named in the NSW Greatest AFL Team of All Time?


Leo Barry, Jarrad McVeigh, Dennis Carroll, Paul Kelly, Brett Kirk, Kieren Jack, and Terry Daniher.

Question 5

Who are Swans’ Club Champion winners from NSW?


Rick Quade, Paul Kelly, Brett Kirk, Jarrad McVeigh, Kieren Jack, Callum Mills, Dane Rampe and Errol Gulden.

Question 6

Who was the player from Parkes in NSW who played in the 1935 and 1936 VFL Grand Finals?


Jim Reid.

Question 7

Who was the first player recruited from NSW to play for the Swans?


Jack Fleming, recruited from South Broken Hill in 1897. He played 12 games.

Question 8

Who are the players from the ACT who have played with the Swans?


Craig Bolton, Troy Gray, Robbie Neill, Michael Werner and Brett Allison.

Question 9

Who were the NSW/ACT players that represented the Club in the 2016 Grand Final?


Jarred Mc Veigh, Kieren Jack, Ben McGlynn, Dane Rampe, Sam Naismith, Isaac Heeney and Callum Mills.

Question 10

Who were the NSW/ACT players that played for the Club in the 2005 Premiership?


Craig Bolton, Leo Barry, Ben Mathews, Lewis Roberts-Thompson, Nick Davis, Brett Kirk, Paul Bevan and Adam Schneider.

Question 11

Who were the NSW/ACT players that played for the Club in the 2012 Premiership?


Jarrad McVeigh, Craig Bird, Lewis Roberts-Thompson and Kieren Jack.

Question 12

Who is the only NSW/ACT player to represent the Club in multiple VFL/AFL Premierships?


Lewis Roberts-Thompson.

Question 13

Which player did the Swans trade to Richmond in 1975 in return for Graham Teasdale, Francis Jackson and Brian Roberts?


John Pitura.

Question 14

Which born and bred Sydneysider join Collingwood under the Father and Son Rule in the 1998 National Draft, and later returned to Sydney at the end of 2002 and played a fundamental part in the Club’s first Premiership in 72 years in 2005?


Nick Davis.

Question 15

In 1986 the first year of the National Draft, the Club had five selections, four of which were used to take NSW/ACT players.  Can you name any of them?


John Brinkkotter (Barooga), Donald Thompson (Albury), Craig Elias (Eastlake) and Laurie Menhenut (Tocumwal).

Question 16

Which Bali-based hospitality entrepreneur was Pick 39 in the 1991 Pre-Season Draft (and reportedly slept with a blown-up photo of his Mark-of-the-Year above his bed)?


Darren (“Harry”) McAsey.

Question 17

Who are the players the Club has recruited from Pennant Hills in Sydney to play senior football?


Stefan Carey, Jarrad McVeigh, Kieren Jack, Brandon Jack, David Brown, Braeden Campbell, Terry Thripp and Mark Sheather.

Question 18

Who was the first person from the Illawarra region in NSW to play VFL/AFL football when recruited by the Swans in 1984?


Arthur Chilcott.

Question 19

Who was the Swans player from NSW who was the last player that also played for South Melbourne to retire?


Dennis Carroll.

Question 20

Name the club that former Swans Reserves (premiership) player Luke Breust came from?



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