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Bloods For Life  - Winter Issue 2023


Check your Answers below

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Spring 2021 Anchor Quiz

Question 1

Under what star sign was Lance Franklin born?


He was born on 30 January 1987 and is therefore an Aquarian.  Their attributes are their  intellect/creativity/independence/ability to inspire.

Question 2

In which West Australian country town did he grow up?  (It was also the home of legendary WA footballer Malcolm Brown)


Dowerin, which is 156 kms North East of Perth in the Central wheat belt region.  Population around 450.

Question 3

Lance played for the Perth Football Club in the WAFL.  How many senior games did he play?  (Incidentally Logan McDonald comes from the same club).



Question 4

Which private school in Perth did he attend from the age of 15?  Other AFL players who attended this school include Sam Powell-Pepper, Earl Spalding, Michael Gardener, Shai Bolton, Ben Cousins.


Wesley College; a GPS school in South Perth.

Question 5

His sister Bianca who was a netball champion is married to a legendary Australian rugby player.  Who is he?


Matt Giteau, who represented Australia on 103 occasions.

Question 6

With what pick was he taken by Hawthorn in the 2004 draft?

Answer:  Pick 5

Question 7

How many goals did the Swans kick in the 2nd quarter?



Question 8

Who injured his posterior cruciate ligament in the 2nd quarter but courageously played out the game?


Adam Goodes

Question 9

Who kicked what proved to be match winning goals at the 14th and 16th minute of the 2nd quarter?


Mitch Morton

Question 10

Whose tackle with one a minute and 50 seconds remaining in the last quarter could well have been the most decisive moment in the game?


Marty Mattner

Question 11

Who won the Norm Smith Medal as the Best on ground in the 2012 Grand Final?


Ryan O'Keefe

Question 12

Which other Swans players are placed 3rd and 5th respectively in the 2012 Norm Smith medal votes?


Dan Hannebery (3rd) and Jarrad McVeigh (5th)

Question 13

Including the 2012 triumph, how many premierships has the Club won since formation?


10 (5 in the VFA and 5 in the VFL/AFL)

Question 14

Which player won the Bob Skilton Medal at the Club's Best & Fairest player in the 2012 Premiership year?


Josh Kennedy

Question 15

Which members of the Club's 2012 senior coaching panel are currently involved in coaching other AFL clubs?


John Blakey (North Melbourne); Stuart Dew (Gold Coast); Leigh Tudor (Essendon).

Question 16

Which players received their 2nd Premiership medallion after the 2012 Grand Final victory?


Adam Goodes; Jude Bolton; Ryan O'Keefe, Lewis Roberts-Thomson

Question 17

Which players from the 2012 Premiership team remain on the Sydney Swans 2022 list?


Josh Kennedy; Sam Reid; Luke Parker

Question 18

How many players from the 2012 Premiership team are currently on other AFL club lists?


1 (Dan Hannebery)

Question 19

Who kicked the goal for the Swans in the last quarter of the 2012 Grand Final that was a " deadest massive moment"


Kieran Jack

Question 20

Who was the Swan's designated substitute for the 2012 Grand Final who came on in the last quarter and really got amongst it?


Luke Parker 

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