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Bloods For Life  - Winter  Issue 2023

Did you get a chance to complete the Summer 2023/24 Issues Quiz?

Check your Answers, from page 50-51

 If you are interested in contributing quiz questions to future Bloods For Life Issues, please reach out and send them through by sending there  HERE

Question 1

Who are the men that have coached both the Swans and Melbourne?


i.   Norm Smith :  Melbourne 1952 - 1967;  South Melbourne 1969 - 1972

ii.  Ron Barassi : Melbourne 1981 - 1985; Sydney 1993 - 1995

iii. Bob Skilton : South Melbourne 1965 – 1966; Melbourne 1974 - 1977

iv. John Northey: Melbourne 1986 – 1992 ; Sydney 1985

v.  Paul Roos : Sydney 2002 - 2010 ; Melbourne 2014 - 2016

Question 2

What is the significance of Round 1 of the 1982 VFL season?


Swans first game as Sydney at SCG 28th March, 1982

Sydney 20.17.137 defeated Melbourne 16.12.108

Coaches Rick Quade and Ron Barassi respectively

Question 3

What is the significance of Round 13 of the 1993 AFL season, and who was the leading goal scorer in that match?


i. Sydney ends a run of 26 consecutive losses:  at SCG on June 27th, 1993

Sydney 23.11 d Melbourne 16.13

SCG 27 June 1993 Coaches Ron Barassi and Neil Balme 

ii. Richard Osborne, Sydney Swans: 10 goals

Question 4

Which current Sydney player’s grandfather played senior football at Melbourne?

Answer:  Hayden McLean; his grandfather Tom Mclean played 22 games for Melbourne in 1951-1952 (he also played 9 games for North Melbourne in 1954-1956).

Question 5

Who was the player who arrived at Melbourne in 1983 as part of a mega deal and was also the CEO of the Swans for 7 years

Answer:  Kelvin Templeton:  34 games for Melbourne 1983 - 1985; CEO of the Sydney Swans 1996 - 2002

Question 6

Who are the three players that have played the most consecutive senior VFL/AFL games? 
(Clue: the first two are from Melbourne and the third is from Sydney).

Answer: Jim Stynes (Melbourne) 244 games; Adam Yze (Melbourne) 226 games; Adam Goodes (Sydney Swans) 204 games.

Question 7

Since 2000 (excluding James Jordon and Brodie Grundy) who is the sole Melbourne player to be traded to Sydney?

Answer: Darren Jolly (end of 2004)

Question 8

How many All Australian teams was RDB selected in post the regular ANFC Carnival?

Answer: 3:  1956; 1958; 1961

Question 9

Who is the last player to have won a senior Best and Fairest award at both the Swans and the Demons?

Answer:  Gerard Healy, who won in 1984 at Melbourne and in 1986, 1987 and 1988 at the Sydney Swans.

Question 10

Which Swans player has won the most Brownlow Medals and which Melbourne player has likewise won the most Brownlow Medals?


Bob Skilton (South Melbourne): 3 -  1959, 1963, 1968
Ivor Warne-Smith (Melbourne): 2  1926, 1928

Question 11

Which 4 former Melbourne players played for the Swans in season 1988?

 Answer: Adian Battiston; Michael Byrne; David Cordner; Gerard Healy

Question 12

What is the biography of Norm Smith written by Ben Collins called?

Answer:  The Red Fox

Question 13

Who was the multiple Melbourne Premiership player who in his role as a Presbyterian Minister conducted Norm Smith’s funeral in 1973?

Answer: Ken Melville. He played Centre in the 1955 and 1956 Premierships and in the 1954 Grand Final team; Winner of the Melbourne Best & Fairest in  1953. He became an Ordained Presbyterian Minister at the end of 1956.

Question 14

Which former Melbourne coach has two brothers; one who played for South Melbourne and the other for Sydney?

Answer:  Neale Daniher; brothers Terry played 19 games for South Melbourne, and Anthony played 115 games for South Melbourne (9) and Sydney (106).

Question 15

Who are the Melbourne players that have represented Australia at cricket?


Frank Allen                         Test Cricket 1879

Harry Graham                  Test Cricket 1893 - 1996

Roy Park                              Test Cricket 1920/21

Max Walker                       Test/ODI 1966 - 1972

Graeme Watson              Test/ODI 1966 - 1972

Question 16

Who are the Swans players that have represented Australia at cricket?


Laurie Nash                        Test Cricket 1931/32

Frank Allan                          Test Cricket 1936/37

Warwick Armstrong       Test Cricket 1901 - 1921

Jamie Siddons                    ODI 1988/89

Question 17

Which Sydney player’s father played in Melbourne’s 1941 VFL Premiership team?  

Answer:  Ted Cordner, the father of David Cordner (Sydney Swans 1988) was a member of Melbourne’s 1941 Premiership team.

Question 18

Which player from each of the Swans and Demons has the highest individual score in a game?  
(Clues: the Melbourne player had 19 scoring shots, and the Sydney player had 16).


Fred Fanning (Melbourne): 109 (18.1 v St Kilda Round 19 1947); 

Tony Lockett (Sydney): 96 (16.0 v Fitzroy Round 19 1995).

Question 19

How many Brownlow Medal votes did Errol Gulden receive for his 42 possession, 2 goal game against Melbourne in Round 24 2023?



Question 20

How many Wooden Spoons (if any) did VFL teams coached by Norm Smith and Ron Barassi “win”?

Answer:  Norm Smith: 1 (South Melbourne 1971); Ron Barassi: 2 (Melbourne 1981, Sydney 1993* and 1994)

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