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The governance structure around Bloods For Life is fairly straightforward. The Board of the Sydney Swans have endorsed the concept as an integral part of the Club, and a Committee (Andrew McMaster; Richard Colless; Tom Harley; Brett Kirk; Harry McAsey) has been formed to make it work.

We are also very fortunate to have respected journalist Mike Coward as our inaugural Editor-in-Chief of the Bloods For Life Magazine (refer following for Mike’s piece on the editorial approach.  Mike has requested feedback, suggestions etc for inclusion in the Magazine and we request that you do so). Longstanding Swans historians Jim Main and Barb Cullen are also major contributors.


The Committee will be supported by a national network of key individuals to co- ordinate members and activities on a regional basis throughout the country.


This network will draw heavily on those currently doing a great job in this space. We will make further announcements in due course as this group is put together.

The guidelines for inclusion as a member of Bloods For Life are as follows:

•  current and past players;
•  long standing current and past Football Department staff; and
•  current and past officials *

(*at discretion of the Committee subject to certain eligibility criteria; will include, for example, Life Members, No. 1 Ticketholders, Ambassadors, long standing Board members, benefactors, supporters etc).

BLOODS FOR LIFE  wants to hear from you 

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