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Bloods For Life  - Summer Issue 2021/22


Check your Answers below

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Spring 2021 Anchor Quiz

Question 1

In 1961 in round 15 one of the serious hardmen of the game, Ken Boyd (60 games from 1957-61), was suspended for 12 matches for striking Carlton champion John Nichols, notwithstanding that he was not reported by any umpire or official, and there was no video evidence (television was in its formative stages).


How could this possibly have occurred?


A) 6     B) 10     C) 12     ​Can you name them?

Answer: B) 10

Ken had explained to football writers Peter Bye and Ian McDonald some days after the game that he had struck Nicholls and explained why the story was published in great detail in the mid-week edition of The Sporting Globe. Ken’s explanation was that he was kicked in the stomach and groin, and had to stop marks to prove it.“ I was in terrific pain and when I recovered, I simply went back, turned Nicholls around and dropped him.

The VFL, despite the lack of evidence, felt compelled to act on Ken’s admission. He did not appear at the specially convened hearing but nevertheless was found guilty and suspended for 12 matches. He eventually decided to end his VFL career. There are a number of his surviving teammates and supporters who believed he deserved a medal for what he did!

Question 2

From 2000, how many Assistant Coaches of the Swans have been appointed to a senior coaching role in the AFL?


A) 2      B) 4     C) 6      Can you name them?

Answer: C) 6 

Damian Drum: Fremantle 2000-2001; Paul Roos: Sydney 2002-2010 and Melbourne 2014-16; Ross Lyon: St Kilda 2017-11 and Fremantle 2012-19; John Longmire: Sydney 2011+; Stuart Dew: Gold Coast 2018+; Rhyce Shaw: North Melbourne 2019-20.

Question 3

How many Brownlow Medals have been won by South Melbourne/ Sydney players? 
(Note it is medals won not number of individual winners).


A)10     B) 14     C)16      Can you name them?

Answer: B) 14

1940 Herbie Matthews, 1949 Ron Clegg, 1955 Fred Goldsmith, 1959/63/68 Bob Skilton, 1970 Peter Bedford, 1977 Graham Teasdale, 1981 Barry Round, 1986 Greg Williams, 1988 Gerard Healy, 1995 Paul Kelly, 2003/6 Adam Goodes.

Question 4

Who is the only club Legend who played in the 19th century?


Peter Burns

Question 5

How many South Melbourne/Sydney players have been the leading  goal scorer in the competition at the completion of the VFL/AFL Home and Away season?

A) 2      B) 3      C) 4?      Can you name them?

Answer: C) 4

Bob Pratt 1934 (138), Bob Pratt 1935 (97), Lindsay White 1942 (67), Tony Lockett 1996 (114), Tony Lockett 1998 (107), Lance Franklin 2014 (67), Lance Franklin 2017 (69).

Question 6

Who am I?  I was selected in two All Australian teams after Carnivals in 1953 and 1956 (captain).  I first played in the VFL in 1960 as a 28-year-old when I joined South Melbourne.  I won the club Best + Fairest in that year.  I didn’t play in the WAFL or SANFL.

Answer:   Frank Johnson

Question 7

Two of the absolute legends of the game, Bob Skilton and Ron Barassi, played together in the same team on two occasions. And they also coached the same two VFL clubs?  Can you name both teams and both clubs?

Answer:  Victoria and Port MelbourneSouth Melbourne/Sydney and Melbourne

Question 8

A current player’s two grandfathers were teammates at the Swans. Name the player and his grandfathers?


Tom Papley
Max Papley and Jeff Bray

Question 9

Which players were affectionately known as Wheels, Sudsey and Reggie?


Peter Bedford; John Sudholtz; Heath Grundy

Question 10

Which sports did the following players excel at before joining the Swans in their late teens or twenties with no prior Australian football background? In all cases they played in Grand Finals with 2 playing in premiership sides: Tadgh Kennelly; Mike Pike and Jim Reid


Gaelic Football; Rugby; Rugby League

Question 11

Which player kicked our first and last goals in our 2012 Premiership?


Nick Malceski

Question 12

Which two brothers and a son of one of the brothers topped the Club’s goalkicking?


Harold Robertson; Austin Robertson Snr; Austin Robertson Jnr

Question 13

Who is the youngest player to win the Best  and Fairest at the Club?


David Ackerly (in 1980)

Question 14

One for the true historians:  Who is the youngest player ever to play senior football for the Club?


Harold Traynor who debuted aged 16 years 223 days v Collingwood at Victoria Park on 15 July 1939.  He played 37 games between 1939-42, and was severely wounded in the Second World War.

Question 15

In 1975 the Club traded John Pitura to Richmond.  Which players did it receive in return?


Graham Teasdale, Brian Roberts and Francis Jackson

Question 16

Which song based on South ruckman Fred Fleiter’s call to one of his teammates became a number one single in Australian in 1979?  And up until that time the largest selling Australian single of all time with over 250,000 copies sold


“Up There Cazaly”

Question 17

What do Terry Brain, Brett Kirk and Josh Kennedy have in common?


Won the Best & Fairest in a Premiership year: 1933, 2005 and 2012 respectively

Question 18

Which 2 legendary coaches who were also gun players (1 from WAFL and 1 from SANFL) and who are inductees into AFL Hall of Fame (Coaches), played for South Melbourne (albeit briefly) during WW2?


Jack Oatey (coached Norwood/West Adelaide/Sturt across 786 games)
Jack Sheedy (coached East Perth 261 games/WA)

Question 19

How many Test cricketers have played senior football for the Club?


Warwick Armstrong (1899-90)
Laurie Nash (1933-45)

Question 20

Which player who joined the Club from Nelson Bay near Newcastle has played around 570 senior games and at 51 is still going strong?


Troy Luff

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